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The CCI approach

At CCI, we are deliberately different. Staffed with individuals from unique backgrounds and differing viewpoints, we utilize these perspectives to create innovative, non-standard solutions to meet each client’s varying needs.

The cornerstone to “The CCI Approach” is our investment of time and resources spent learning about and assessing each client’s unique culture, goals, and challenges. This investment allows us to continually modify our solutions to fit into each client’s ever-changing puzzle.

Employee benefits

Benefits are a valuable component in the compensation you provide to your employees, providing security to each employee and their family for today and the future. However, for employers, providing benefits can be costly, complicated and, time-consuming. At CCI, we begin by focusing on managing the hard dollars paid to outside vendors, but we do not stop there. Our benefits administration specialists also provide the tools and support to dramatically reduce the resources needed to communicate and administer benefit programs for each of our clients. The CCI goal is to become a trusted and invaluable extension of our client’s human resource organizations, not just another vendor.


Providing benefits to employees is a significant cost to most employers, often ranking as one of the highest expenses after payroll. CCI’s proven methods control necessary plan and administrative costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Continually changing federal and state legislation add to the complexity of providing benefits to employees. The financial consequences of not being compliant can be considerable. Our consultants and attorney-staffed compliance team make sure that you are compliant and that you understand your obligations.

Time Consuming

Proper benefit program administration can be extremely time-consuming, requiring dedicated employer resources. CCI alleviates this burden through a combination of our free technology-based resources and our dedicated benefit administration staff. 

EXECUTIVE benefits

Key employees are a valuable asset! An executive benefit program is a powerful tool to attract and keep these important employees. When structured correctly, executive benefits can also protect employers in the event of a key employee’s death or disability. Utilizing traditional and non-traditional vehicles, CCI designs cost-effective executive benefit programs that provide:

Employer Protection

Corporate-owned life and disability insurance can be valuable protection to your firm if a key employee dies or is disabled. It can:

  • Replace lost profits, 
  • Bolster balance sheets to reassure creditors about continued business viability, and
  • Be used as a key component to fund a buy-sell agreement.

Enhanced Benefits

CCI will help tailor a benefits package that fits your company’s budget and enhances your employees’ sense of well-being. Sample programs can include such items as:

  • Supplemental life and disability insurance, 
  • Long-term care insurance, and
  • Executive physicals and concierge physician programs.

Solutions to the “Retirement Income Gap”

By only offering traditional employer-sponsored tax-deferred plans, such as 401(k)s, higher earners are left with a “retirement income gap”. CCI can help you structure programs that enable your key employees to bridge this gap. Our services include:

  • Solutions that navigate complex tax/legal issues,
  • Effective communication, and
  • Funding advice.